In a People House…

Come on inside Mr Bird said the mouse, take a look at the things in a People House…

…things like walls, and TV’s…

…woahh! we are getting like a People House!

The walls, although a bit finite for my liking, are beautiful. We are loving the MagRoc Board , its structural resistant to fire, water, insects and mould. MagRoc makes gib looks like powder between paper in comparison! The off-cuts are all being used under mulch and will benefit the soil so no waste. Admittedly gib off -cuts can be used the same way too.

The TV well thats another story, it was better to get a connection in now rather than wish we had of later, so for Todd to finish the walls in that area its connected. Funny thing though after a year or more without a TV none of us feel compelled to turn it on, we still prefer sitting and talking and reading – using this space as a meeting corner. Technology seems to have moved on – we all have our own devices we use to check in on our interests and in a way I think that takes its place too.



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