Kitchen, heart of the home.

We’ve been in our house since Dec 2015 and the temporary kitchen has moved a couple of times since. First it was in the wash-house…


..then it moved to where the kitchen will be in the open living area.

Electricity is still a daisy chain of extension cords running up the hill which limits us to one greedy appliance at a time else a multi-box blows!

I’m just as happy now as what I was then with my makeshift kitchen, complete with wash-up bucket for doing the dishes (have to fetch water, yup no running water in the house and boil it).

I wasnt super happy when the insulation went in, I lost a bit of shelf space, then the linings have started going up which means even my nails for hang space are disappearing.

We’ve decided to get a kitchen in the new year, evidently the house wont get signed off with my perfectly functional kitchen I have now! We’ve moved it all to be a island in preparation of lining and gas/electrical work to be done.. exciting!



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