Gannets, fishing for bait.

In our lovely quiet bay this evening we were enthralled by the skill of a gannet diving into the shallows a few meters away from us. The water was literally bubbling with small fish and as the gannet went under the water the fish would all skip along the top of the surface in a V like the wake of a boat to the front and side.

Each time it was rewarded with a meal. With a quick gulp it was off again, the strength, agility and the grace was amazing to watch.

This week it was reported that a large commercial purse siene fishing boat was less than 3nm off our coast. The comments that followed included observations of the negative impact of these boats on the fish here over the last ~4 decades.

What a contrast these two accounts are. I wonder what will happen in years to come? Will the generations that follow see gannets like we have today, or just listen to these in stories of the old?

Here are some pictures off the internet of this gorgeous bird.


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